Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Caribbean hot peppers

CARDI has developed a number of hot pepper cultivars for farmers of the region. These varieties are generally very pungent and aromatic. The fresh product command premium prices on the international (US, Canada, Europe) market while Caribbean processors also clamour for it to manufacture hot sauces. The picture shows some of these varieties on display by CARDI Barbados at the recent AgroFest 2006 held at the Queen's Park, Bridgetown, Barbados from Feb. 24th - 26th. Posted by Picasa


Nancy White said...

I wish there were enough sun to grow these up here in Seattle. But maybe not... then we would not need to import them from your region!

Cyril said...

Mmmmm.....not so sure about that. Our hot peppers are grown in parts of the US. Florida for sure. Get the impression that Connecticut, New Jersey and Virginia too. Relatives of mine grow it in Baltimore, Maryland. I am guessing that you have enough sunshine for a long enough period of the year to grow a crop. Trick is that the micro-environment has an impact on the final product - color, size, skin thickness, but most importantly aroma, pungency and taste. Even as one moves from island to island in these West Indies the same variety packs subtle differences. Then each island claims that their's is the best and the real thing. So you can too!!