Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AgroFest 2006 (Feb 24-26)

AgroFest 2006 was recently held in Barbados. With the theme "Agriculture for life" the exhibition sought to sensitize Barbadians about the value of the agricultural industry to the island's economy. CARDI was of course a key participant in this year's show. The picture above shows Mr. Kevin Cumberbatch, one our CARDI Barbados's recently recruited hot pepper field support staff members enthusiastically talking to a family visiting the CARDI booth about in vitro "tissue culture plantlets"! This field technician certainly has their rapt attention on laboratory issue. Now if I could just light such a fire in the hot pepper network group.....won't that be something? Posted by Picasa

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Cyril said...

This is neat! When one clicks on the picture it gets bigger! Cool. Must remember to let the group know of this feature in case they need to take a closer look at a posted pix.