Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Facilitating/coordinating the “new” network

"New" because this workshop has given me some insights re how to invigorate our group.

A big challenge is going to be “how to get others to help in running the group”. It presents a challenge because it is easier for some to “run the whole thing” instead of "assisting" in the responsibility. The attitude that "it is your job so you do it" tend to let too many off the hook – at least in their heads. We thus end up with too many persons just sitting back and being unnecessarily critical. I think I will convince the group via our guidelines and rules (thanks Nancy) that particular individuals will have responsibility for particular areas…..

  • say one persons responsible for pictures (ensuring that there is a collection of pictures that tell the whole story on an issue; even it means requesting clarifying ones from the sender or wider group
  • another person can similarly assist in maintaining documents
  • someone can be responsible for details like scheduling, reminders of upcoming events and soliciting news/updates on current/recent events

All in all, with pictures, files and sound all available to the network online experience, re-invigorating the group seems an exciting prospect. This will be even easier once we can plan for face to face meetings at least biennially in rotating locations (countries). Who knows non-CARDI sponsorship of this can make it an annual occurrence. Maybe members can come together as part of their holiday prior to carnival or annual vacation, then some or all of us can go "chill" out afterwards!

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