Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hot Pepper Group Norms and Agreements….
(in part adopted from Norman’s Blog)
The following rules and quidelines shall be strictly adhered to by all members of the Hot Pepper Online Network Group:
  • No SHOUTING or use of ‘improper’ language
  • Disagree amicably
  • Limit personal responses to the intended recipient only
  • Respect the persons in the community (expressed in the manner of writing)
  • Respect the role of the facilitator

The facilitator shall :

  • Role-model the above rules
  • Be rotated every three months
  • Gently remind members to keep up regular activity posts
  • Summarize posts by categories monthly
  • Prepare quartely report and post same at the end of the quarter

1 comment:

Nancy White said...

I love that you borrowed AND credited Norman. That is a very "community-minded" thing. We gain from each other.

I also like the way you framed the facilitator agreements -- and they are very clear which is critical of the job is rotated. This gives the community something to depend upon.