Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taking Stock....

Cyril Roberts

This week I will focus on where I am and where I am going. The Hot Pepper group needs a clear goal and a defined achievable set of objectives. I must also come up with a proposed set of guidelines or rules. I will also be proposing a rotating three-month online network group "Coordinatorship" among myself, Herman, Neville and Julius. The responsibilies of the Coordinator will need to be clearly spelt out.

It is not clear to me at this moment where to house the group - CARDI or Dgroups? I am leaning towards Dgroups because of better tools, but ultimately I want a site with an impressive opening page (even if it means we have to pay to have it prepared). Security is a concern though as I was surfing recently (looking for Cyril Roberts) and ended up in a place (my blog) that allowed me to make changes that shouldn't have been allowed. Anyway, I will give these some more thought and return to the matter later today. Posted by Picasa


Nancy White said...

Ah, I get to "see" you now! Excellent!

Andrew and Luca have indicated to me that FAO/CTA can support CARDI networks on DGroups. Contact Luca to get this started, ok?

One thing I'm not sure I understand. How would you describe an "impressive front page?"

Cyril said...

Impressive in that it is so organized that documents (work program, reports, papers, etc.) are can readily be identified and opened. There should also be a picture gallery/archive to visually document aspects of our work - diseases, insects, pepper berries, etc. I would wish for links to other sites that we think is relevant. The email threads upon archiving should be organized so that they can be retrieved by topic. Finally, I would like color and pictures and layout to grab the members upon visiting such that one is either filled pride or moved in awe that anyone who is a leader in Caribbean peppers would be invited to be involved with online group.

Cyril said...

Looks like I can everything I want via DGroups except pictures. Oh well, I can live with that.

Nancy White said...

I agree about the people pictures. I wish that was built in. In terms of the links, have you considered using something like http://del.icio.us -- it is VERY weird at first, but then it becomes extreamly useful. It is easier to show than to talk about, so holler if you want more information. We have been using it as a collaborative bookmarking tool for a couple of communities I'm in.

http://www.furl.net is another. So you can put in the link to the links. Does that make sense?