Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Approaching end of Week 1

It is almost one week since I started this workshop.... rather reluctantly. Given the pressures of this month and last month, plus my current mental state of "load-out", I just knew that there was no way to fit it into my schedule. I must admit however that I have found the material informative and feel that it will be useful. In a way it is funny, in that as a participant one can get caught up and carried away and put in a few hours on the trot without realizing it, looking forward to the next day, only to completely miss that day, then having to rush and make up the day after! Nonetheless, once I put together a worthy goal, along with some tentative objectives and guidelines for the CARDI Hot Pepper group, then I would have achieved my personal goals for this week.


Cyril said...

Just checking to see how leaving a comment works.

Nancy White said...

Comments work! Cyril, I really appreciated a couple of things about this blog/learning log entry.

First was that you shared the realities of your life and how what we asked of you in the workshop affected that. I know that each minute we are asked to do more and more takes away from other things. I hope that in the long run what you gain will compensate for the time! And I appreciated the straight-forward honesty about time!

Second, I appreciated the information "About Me" that you added. Online sometimes it is hard to understand each others' identity. In your profession as a research scientist, degrees, areas of specialization and experience are a key part of that identity. You made it easy for me, as a reader, to see that right away.